A husband and wife duo exploring nerddom.

This tucson based blog is focused on exploring and explain “old-school” pop-culture trends and survey new media being released. A friendly interface was desired allowing for the novice to begin learning while allowing a depth and scope that would be interesting to avid fans.
Design goals included selecting a friendly and bright color palette while embracing a retro, pixelated feel. Within this market this design style has been used frequently, adding the challenge of creating a feel that was both reminiscent of a bygone era yet still feeling fresh and current. Shifting from the basic building block of the square pixel, we decided to start with the circle as our core unit. The resulting imagery became far softer and welcoming while maintaining a classic feel.
Contrasting the circular pixel, the logo and the accent font utilizes a classic square motif.
Continued design involves creating artwork to depict a similar design aesthetic to represent and introduce the many topics to be explored through this podcast.

January 28, 2016


Branding, Design, Web Design