We are HelixDSGN


At HelixDSGN, we believe that Tucson is filled with great ideas and amazing people trying to make their dreams a reality. Our mission is to support this creativity by helping an organization define their DNA (the core of who they are), determine a clear and concise mission, develop a strategic plan and deploy effective media to communicate that vision.


The past twenty years have brought a significant creative and economic renaissance throughout the United States in mid-sized cities known for their passionate creativity, their unique nature, and their vibrant cultures. Tucson, Arizona has always exhibited these traits and we are excited about the potential future of this amazing city.

At the heart of HelixDSGN is a deep love and respect for the city of Tucson. This underestimated city is the core of our company’s mission, it fuels the dreams that fire our passion and it informs the clients we pursue. We believe that Tucson is filled with great ideas and amazing people trying to make these dreams a reality.

Over a six-month period in 2015 we hosted weekly dinners to begin identifying the challenges and concerns facing local entrepreneurs and business owners. Spanning a wide range of industry: Aerospace Engineering to Interior Design, Community Non-profits to Tech Startups, as a group, we realized the majority of these problems stemmed from challenges answering the following three questions:

1. What is the DNA?

What makes your company unique? What distinguishes your product/service from other competitors?

2. What is the Win?

At the end of the day, how do you and your employees know you’ve done a good job? What are your goals and what are your metrics? Is “staying out of the red” how you define success?

3. What is the Message?

How do people experience you? How do you communicate your “DNA” and “Win” to your employees and customers? What is the best format and medium?

We also quickly realized that these leaders were tired and unsure of how to answer these questions. We wanted to help. Our mission is to help support Tucson creativity by helping define an organization’s DNA (the core of who they are), determine a clear and concise mission, develop a strategic plan and deploy effective media to communicate that vision.

We believe that with a well articulated vision we can help Tucson businesses find the right people. The right people to join the mission as like-minded employees and the right people to become loyal customers.

Through this work and the relationships built, HelixDSGN has the larger vision of honoring this amazing community by investing in its neighbors lives, by creatively toiling to address the needs and issues within this city, and by dreaming and collaborating with fellow Tucsonans to make this city a national leader in education, environmental care, innovation, industry, ethical responsibility, creative incubation, community involvement and kindness.


Daring creative and courageous acts, in community, to help make Tucson a more vibrant city for future generations.